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What we're about

Phoenix Academy is the sports delivery arm of Fire of Africa, an organisation focused on strategic investment in the sports industry, including infrastructural development, talent management, events design/delivery, and facilities management. 

At Phoenix Academy, we work on the front lines, delivering training programmes, coaching clinics focused on delivery of sports activities.   In addition to delivering  on 13/17 UN Strategic Development Goals (SDGs), we're committed to the following:




  • Identification of talented sports people within & outside the formal education framework

  • Increased earners & revenue streams

  • Professional sports events/ tournaments 

  • Increased tourism, national brand visibility & investment attraction

  • Increased skills development & employment focused training

  • Corporate sports events, international conferences & workshops


Employment focused education

  • Contemporary, accredited courses 

  • Highlighting sports as a career and the pathways to exploring it

  • Community outreach & engagement to bring sport to children beyond just urban areas & the formal education system

  • Negotiating scholarships locally & abroad

  • Presentations to educational boards & institutions, government entities to influence curriculum & policy change

  • Skills development to equip young people post sports careers, supported by long-term pastoral care

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Infrastructural development

  • Development/Regeneration of sports & training facilities through umbrella organisation, Fire Of Africa

  • Research & proposals to government & private entities to entice invest in transport, hospitality, utilities, connectivity (esp. digital) development 

The majority of activity in this stream is driven through Fire of Africa, with outputs from FOA's work directly benefiting the mission and vision of Phoenix, e.g. enabling our athletes to train on world class facilities. 




  • Hosting international sports teams for invitational tournaments including development of new events

  • Inviting international sports personalities – coaches, medical professionals, athletes, journalists etc. – to participate in conferences/workshops

  • Organising international visits to Phoenix projects, with opportunities to work alongside Phoenix staff

  • Marketing African teams on the international stage by increasing representation at world events

  • Supporting bids to host world class, global sports events . 

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