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About the Academy

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Phoenix Football Academy offers an advanced football development and education program supported by expert, dedicated staff.  Formulated through researching some of the most successful academies around the world, our approach uses advanced, contemporary technology and coaching methods to develop our players.  We are actively looking for upcoming talent to join the academy, and very committed to inclusion & diversity across all areas from players through to coaching and supporting staff.  

Our ethos & approach:
The training programme at Phoenix Football Academy is broken into technical and tactical training, with a special module for Goalkeepers. 


Trials & selection:
Through a combination of a proactive scouting network & open trials, we hope to identify the most promising talent to work with.  We understand that not everyone with talent is in the formal education system, so our innovative, broad outreach is designed to maximise opportunities for us & for the many hidden gems we know are out there.

Football development camps & coaching clinics

professional developmnet training sessio

To be announced

Football development camps
 The coaching program focuses on technical and tactical player development.  Small sided games are played under high intensity conditions to improve passing, speed of movement, technique, and game understanding.  The aim of the camps is to fine tune the techniques and skills essential to a player’s development, identify growth areas and develop player specific performance improvement plans for those players selected to join the Academy.  

Outside practice sessions, participants will mix with other children for other activities and meals, to ensure skills development beyond football e.g. social fluency, team building, leadership, confidence, agile thinking & strategy.

Coaching clinics

We want our teams to benefit from the best coaching.  That means having the best, international standard coaches. Our commitment to education extends to our staff, & to their continued professional development. Contact us if you'd like to pursue a career in coaching.

Player education & life skills



To be announced

Phoenix Football Academy ensures all of our players concentrate on academic studies as well as football. We strongly believe that players should develop skills and have the qualifications they need to pursue a career beyond football, particularly for those who do not achieve the highest level.  The curriculum includes skills vital for any young person, and focuses on:

  • English language skills

  • Financial fluency & management

  • Social Media

  • Social Behaviour

  • Attitude to training

  • Sports science

  • Nutrition

  • Coaching qualifications 

Phoenix Football Academy
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