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What we do

Professional coaching

Contemporary, accredited courses geared towards employment 

Life &

employment skills

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Health &


Nutrition/feeding schemes and health awareness initiatives for all ages

Sports expeditions & tours

Leveraging the global sports culture, our climate & the vast opportunities these provide, to stimulate tourism & the country's brand

           Professional coaching

Phoenix Academy strives to be Zimbabwe's national centre for sporting excellence, and home to the nation’s greatest teams & sports professionals. Focusing on talent development including an internationally accredited coach development programme, and designed with holistic, pastoral support model reflective of its African roots, Phoenix is poised to be the premier pipeline development agency focusing on sub-Saharan Africa, across all sporting disciplines.

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           Life skills


Unlocking opportunities for young people to have awareness of and the support and resources to explore lucrative careers in the sports industry  on & off the field.

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Organic Strawberries
           Health & nutrition


Objective is sustainable communities including nutrition awareness, education and access for athletes and coaches, leveraging locally sourced, locally developed products. 

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Aircraft Hangar
           Sports expeditions


Hosting international sports teams for invitational tournaments including development of new events leveraging local landscape, climate and beautiful people.  It also involves organising tours and expeditions for young talents and coaches to benefit from the vast network of facilities across the continent and beyond e.g. Chiromo Football Cup Tour.   


Finally, organising volunteering adventures/trips to visit projects and work alongside phoenix staff. Marketing African teams on the international stage by increasing representation at world events. Ultimately working towards successfully competing to host world class, global events. 

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