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Working with Phoenix Foundation

Community projects

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We have established a range of partners to help us deliver the most impactful services and support to communities in greatest need.  Sustainability and self sufficiency are core to our values, and drive the way we work. All our community interventions are designed and delivered with this in mind.  This area of our work focuses on sports programmes that deliver meaningful social change.  Attracted by the chance to play sportparticipants could go on to gain qualifications and even full-time work through our partnerships with domestic programmes.   

What we do:

  • Delivering community sports events - see 'News, events & insights' section for details

  • Donation of sports equipment working with partner suppliers. This is based on rigorous assessment of need 

  • Grants to enable access to & participation in sports, including tournaments etc.

  • Sponsorship of inclusive, community focused sports projects 

  • Volunteering opportunities for people across Africa & abroad 

  • Supporting local relief efforts

Access to sport

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Creating equitable access to sport and enabling awareness and participation for all, is a big part of what the Phoenix Foundation does.  Sports hubs and facilities offer a community focal point and a safe place for young people and disadvantaged groups to play, learn and grow. They help foster a sense of team work and community, while also creating an opportunity for discovery of new skills, interests and friendships.  

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental principles for us.  The beauty of sport is in the fact that anyone can and should be able to take part. Access to sport is about interventions to ensure that happens, and supporting those working towards the same objective.  

What we do:

  • Facilitating more including access to sport regardless of gender, race, ability, socio-economic status, sexuality

  • Delivering inclusive sports event - see 'News, events & insights' section for details

  • Support for projects focused on diversity and inclusion in sport - funding, logistics. Contact us for details

  • Subsidised facilities access

  • Community events to introduce sports to under served areas

  • Raising awareness of the importance of diversity & inclusion, and advocating for policy change


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To enable us to do what we do, we rely heavily on the good will of individuals and organisations who support our vision and share the ethos that everyone should be able to experience the benefits of sport.  To help us raise the funds that finance our work, we need your donations either as individuals or companies.  There are various ways you can support us, including taking part in an event, one off donations, volunteering to help with delivery of our work or donations in kind e.g. equipment, facilities, coaching etc. 

What we do:

  • Support with fundraising for sports related initiatives especially in under served areas

  • Organising fundraising expeditions to finance continued work of the Foundation

Partners & Ambassadors

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We would love to partner with organisations and individuals who would like to join us on this transformative journey.  Regardless of your industry or services, we can find a way to work with you for the community!  If you like what you've seen and would like to help or get involved, please get in touch. Let's have a conversation of how our collaboration can be mutually beneficial. 

How you can help​:

  • Partner with us to help deliver on our services above. We're always looking for financial donations to support our scholarships; sponsors for sports event; donate kit and equipment for distribution to areas of most need

  • Fundraise for us and help us continue to do our work. We're here to help with fundraising efforts, and grateful for any amounts.  If you'd like a fundraising pack with some fun, unique ideas of how you can support us, please get in touch

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